Linda Sage(International speaker)
Lindasagementoring Organization
United Kingdom


Linda Sage has her expertise & passion in improving personal psychological health &wellbeing. Her significant list of global clients, range from hospitals, educational institutions, prisons and corporate entities; throughout the UK, US, Europe & Middle East. In all caring environments the professionals are less likely to care for themselves; changing that mindset is at the core of Linda’s message. It is possible to be, do & have everything you want, by helping others and looking after yourself. An international speaker, author, trainer & mentor, with decades of experience & knowledge, energize any event and attendees. Her simplified message of self-worth, instantly effects all levels of personnel, to achieve, do and be more with a positive frame of mind; demolishing the irrational fears, phobias, beliefs & habits that Compassion Fatigue can compound. Building a more resilient person provides the individual, employer and patient/client a much more competent and confident professional.